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Company Introduction
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Shanghai CHUNXU mould industry company, whose twin company is Shanghai CHUNYANG rotational molding company, located in Shanghai city, P. R. China, is professional in making rotational moulds made of aluminum and molding plastic products of LLDPE or HDPE. Our product range includes: 1, aluminum rotational mould.
Have made around 60 sets of aluminum roto-moulds for various playground toys, and about 300 sets of aluminum moulds for custom molding projects in last 7 years. 85% of them are used in molding products to be exported to USA, Italy, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Russia, Canada, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan (prc) , Belgium and isreal and ect. 2, custom plastic rotational moulding. Various plastic parts based on custom designs, including air-blower shells, tool cases, petrol tank, flower planter, water tank for scrubbers, truck roof, stock case for motorcycle, golf equipment case, speaker shell, fenders, display case, cool box, playground equipments, Kayaks,and so on.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our capability, or have any inqueries, and sincerely hope to cooperate with you on your projects.

Series of storage tank
mainly applies to: The high-rise construction two water supplies, stores water; Water treatment purification equipment necessary; Industrial used cooling hydrochemistry preparation, industrial chemicals, each kind of oil quality, drinks storage, transportation.
storage-tank storage-tank storage-tank storage-tank
series of bucker
Mainly applies to: In the food processing storage, the turnover, in the clean chemical industry profession acid pickling, in the degreasing vegetables processing profession ferments, the salt system, the storing drugs, food, the chemical industry industry center mixes the material, exchanges the system.
bucker bucker    
Series of synthetic barrel
Characteristic: All models time takes shape, does not construct grips, bears the collision, can enhance the cotton yarn, short delicate quality.
synthetic-barrel synthetic-barrel    
series of epicyclic box and trolley
Mainly applies to: The hardware, electronic, the tool, components industry storing, the relay, the acid pickling system clothes, the shoes and hats, textile, the printing industry center rinse, dyes the medicine, food, the vegetables industry center memory, the transportation, the freezing refrigeration.
epicyclic-box-trolley epicyclic-box-trolley epicyclic-box-trolley epicyclic-box-trolley
rotational molding series
Introduces the overseas advanced technology, has two locations and three locations automatically rolls modelling machine, the equipment uses the enclosed high effect heating chamber, The frequency conversion velocity modulation, the product arm thick is even, but time takes shape the different shape all to model the vessel, especially excels to produce in the different shape the spatial product. The company product completely uses imports the LLDPE manufacture, anti-corrosive, the anti- aging, simultaneously may provide each kind of specification for the customer to roll models the machine, the mold and the fitting.
rotational-molding rotational-molding rotational-molding rotational-molding
rotational-molding rotational-molding rotational-molding rotational-molding