Zhejiang Xingbang Recreation Apparatus CO.,Ltd
Company Introduction
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Zhejiang Xingbang Recreation Apparatus Company Limited is a large-scale private enterprise. The company was located in Hongqiao Industry Garden area covered 22 thousand sq.m. It is a high tech science private enterprise being engaged in rotational products R&D, moulds and plastic cement and equipment making. The company has registered capital of 5 millions RMB. Nowadays, it has investment capital of 70 millions RMB. The company has very superior traffic condition: be near both Hang-Ning High Way and Shen-su-Zhe-Wan High Way and in the two-hour cycle of Yangtze River delta main city.The company had brought in advanced technology, special equipment, rotational class plastic cerement material from aboard. It had adopted foreign mature Rotational Molding technology. All products has their merits of reasonable structure, attractive appearance, anti-ultraviolet radiation, not easy brittlement, avirulent insipidity, good acid and alkali resistance, shock-resistance, high temperature resistant (80°ś)£¨freezing resistant£®-40°ś) and convenient transportation. They are ideal products widely use in the industry of civilian use water-storage, foodstuff, water treatment, chemical engineering, spinning, dyeing and finishing, electron, machinery, hardware, light industry and cultivation .

Engineering Machinery Rotational goods
Machinery Shell & wind pipe
Machinery-Shell-wind-pipe Machinery-Shell-wind-pipe    
Rotational Leisure products
Rotational-Leisure-products Rotational-Leisure-products Rotational-Leisure-products
Rolling Military use tank
Rolling-Military-use-tank Rolling-Military-use-tank Rolling-Military-use-tank Rolling-Military-use-tank
Rotational insulation can
Rotational-insulation-can Rotational-insulation-can