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Plastic Toys Injection Molding

Sourcing Company is an experienced manufacturer of plastic toys injection molding in China, can design, manufacture and assemble your plastic injection molding products to your specifications. We can produce new molds from your CAD files, reverse engineer plastic injection molding parts, or design plastic injection molding parts from your description/scope of work. We utilize the latest 3D modeling software and can import designs for any of your plastic injection molding parts. The ability to reverse engineer existing molds and molded parts allows us to build new and improved custom tooling for our customers.

Feature and Specifications:
1. Material: ABS, PP, PC, PBT, PVC, PA6, PA66, TPEE, PC+ABS, etc.
2. Business Scope:
(1) Mold and parts designing.
(2) Mould and parts making
(3) Parts machining
(4) Injection molding
(5) CNC prototype manufacturing
3. Injection parts' surface treatment: color painting, texture, silk-printing, Anodize etc.
4. ODM&OEM service are available
5. Practicable Software: Pro/engineer, Solidworks, UG, CAD.

We use the latest injection molding technology, tooling and equipment to provide practical, innovative products for our customers, with ISO 9001 certified. If you are interested in plastic toys injection molding, please contact us for details.

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