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     PVC Profiles
  Product Advantages:
      1. Good appearance; profile materials are fine, compact and smooth with high degree of finish and have a variety of colors, clean, natural and durable.
      2. Excellent low-temperature impact performance; although the profiles have a variety of specifications of wall thickness; the low-temperature impact performance of all the specifications conforms to national standard.
      3. Excellent anti-aging performance; unique profile formula and application of imported titanium dioxide and expensive ultraviolet absorbent with a high content. According to foreign practice and artificially speeded-up aging experiment and calculation in China, the anti-aging performance of plastic-steel profiles reaches 50 years under normal conditions.
      4. Good flame retardant performance; after the testing of authorized department, the oxygen index of the profiles is as high as 46, far exceeding the national standard and conforming to the fire safety requirements thoroughly.
      5. High fillet weld strength; the fillet weld strength of all types of profiles conforms to national standard, fully guaranteeing the strength and performance of doors and windows.
      6. Outstanding heat and noise insulation effect; the main profiles adopt multi-cavity structure which strengthens the anti-abrasion capacity of the steel liner, improves the strength and heat and noise insulation performance of the profiles.
      7. High degree of sanitation; the formula of the profiles adopts the most advanced non-toxic stabilizer which helps get rid of lead’s long-term impact on human body and make sure the products are healthy, green, environmentally friendly and free from toxicity.
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